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Accept vs Except


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Accept vs Except

Accept yourself vs Except

Except nothing from anything

Accept everything spilling out of you.

Accept Yourself.

Accept everything spilling out of you. Accept who you are and you are missing nothing, you are all. Accept your innermost core that you have brought from the beyond and then you will feel that you are not missing something.

Look somewhere else and expect boredom.

Man is the only animal who feels boredom.

You are bored with yourself because you have not been sincere with yourself, you have not been honest with yourself, you have not been respectful to your own being.

You have expected the world to help you.

The whole of humanity is bored because the person who would have been a mystic is a mathematician, the person who would’ve been a mathematician is a politician, the person who would’ve been a poet is a businessman. Everybody is somewhere else; nobody is where he should be.

Take a risk. And the only thing you can lose is your chains.

You can lose your boredom, you can lose this constant feeling inside that something is missing.

Your Responsibility is only towards yourself.

Get out of the rut and accept your own being, accept yourself – against Moses, Jesus, Buddha, Krishna, except yourself. Your responsibility is not toward Buddha or Zarathustra or Kabir or Nanak – your responsibility is only towards yourself.

Up until now- you must’ve lived an irresponsible life, fulfilling all kinds of responsibilities which others are expecting you to fulfill.

What is there to lose?

Are you board?  You’re missing the Juice? What more do you need to get out of the prison? Jump out of it, and don’t look back!

With meditation comes patience, and with patience you will learn the rest.

Peace and Blessings 

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