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A Zen Monk Was Going To Die


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A Zen Monk Was Going To Die

A Zen monk was going to die. He was very old, 90 years old. Suddenly he opened his eyes and said, “Where are my shoes?”

And the disciples said, “Where you going? Have you gone crazy? You are dying, and the physician has said that there’s no more possibility; a few minutes more.”

He said, “That’s why am asking for my shoes. I would like to go to the cemetery, because I don’t want to be dragged. I will walk on my own and I will meet death there. I don’t want to be dragged. You know me, I have never leaned on anybody. This will be very ugly, that four persons will be carrying me. NO.”

And so he walked to the cemetery. Not only that, he dug his own grave, lay down in it, and died. Such courage to except the unknown, such courage to go on your own and welcome to beyond.

Then death is transformed, then death is no longer death.

Such a courageous man never dies, death is defeated. Such a courageous man goes beyond all that. For one who goes on his own into the beyond, beyond is never like death. Then the beyond becomes a welcome. If you welcome to beyond, beyond welcomes you; the beyond always goes on echoing you.

With meditation comes patience, and with patience you will learn the rest.

Peace and Blessings 

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