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A Single Breath Will Change Your Life


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A Single Breath Will Change Your Life

A Single Breath Will Change Your Life.

(Or, do not speak until spoken through)… I recently found myself needing this exact reminder.

Our ego’s are so quick to get defensive, especially as we begin to unveil ourselves more and more, the more vulnerable, the less lies, facades, stories and blocks to our true god like nature, the more the ego is going to want to find something to hang onto, find something to defend itself, anything for validation, but we know better then that.

We know our true god like nature. We know peace is not crazy, being in love is normal, being in love with everything, love for love’s sake is why we are here. We know this.

In that moment when the ego wants gratification, identity, lies – Breathe. Step Back. Think. Then choose your reaction.

You’ll see in these moments of consciousness (we are purely conscious beings) we will always return to our true nature, we will always return to peace, bliss, and love. Always.

This is the path of unveiling, opening, and returning to love and compassion, nothing else.

breathe step back think then react


Peace and Blessings

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