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A New Humanity…


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A New Humanity

A New Humanity…

Every 200,000 years or so, the individual stars within each constellation shift position. That is, they are shifting all the time, but more subtly than we can follow. One day, if the earth has not voluntarily opted out of the solar system we will wake up to a new heaven whose dome will again confound us. It will still be home but not a place to take for granted.

The book of who we were is not a fixed text.

Our story is the old clash between history and home. Or to put it another way, the immeasurable impossible space that seems to divide the heart from the quest.

Listen to this.

She found that the whole world could be contained in one place because that place was herself…

The alchemists have a saying: ‘Tertium non datur’. The third is not given. That is, the transformation from one element into another, from waste matter into best gold is a mystery, not a formula. No one can predict what will form out of the tensions of opposites and effect a healing change between them. And so it is with the mind that moves from its prison to a free and vast plain without any movement at all. Something new has entered the process. We can only guess.

Gold is always found mixed with impurities in its natural state. Similarly, so are we. Just like gold, purification of the soul may be achieved if the proper methods of refining are applied.

Post Einstein theory says the world is not solid, and the word is round, but we experience it as solid matter and flat, I stand on it.

In other words, our perception of reality is a fiction we adopt

The way of the heart

Sounds of the unknown…


Needs No mind.

Listen to life – Listen very attentively.

The only Scriptures are the ones from your heart.

Look at your life. Can you call it a blessing? Can you call it a gift, a present of existence? Would you like this gift, this life to be given to you again and again?

A new humanity Will consist in the secret of listening to the heart consciously, alertly, attentively. And following it, going wherever it takes you- many times you will fall, rise up again, this is how I want to gather strength, by falling in rising.

The way of love is not a subtle argument.

              The door there is devastation.

       Birds make great sky-circles of their freedom.

How do they learn it?

They fall, and falling, they’re given wings. – RUMI

Don’t follow rules, rules are invented by people who want to rule you. Buddha, Jesus, Krishna, Mohammed, they have not given rules to the world they have given their love.

What they did was their own hearts whispering.

And the moment we imitate is the moment we cancel our own humanity, we squash ourselves.

Life is really a dance if you are original.

Buddha is a Buddha, a Krishna is a Krishna, and you are you.

A Bible is a map, a Quran is a map, someone else’s map of this mountain called life.

You too can write a map, your own map.

Your job: to humble yourself.

Life’s job: to lift you up.

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