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A Mindfulness Practice Is A Courageous One


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What Happens When You Interrogate Yourself?

What Happens When You Interrogate Yourself and are forced to become a different kind of person?

It takes tremendous courageous!
The courage to think, the courage to love, the courage to hope.

“It takes more courage to look into the darkest corner of the soul than it does to fight on the battlefield” – William Butler Yeats

If we’re honest
– we will see it all.
– We will know it all.

The simple truth of this interrogation is – We are dying
& we are desiring things in the face of death.

We don’t know what we will see in this interrogation, what will be learned and revealed, what this will shake up, freak out, bore – but even boredom matters.

It’s meaning we all want, we all want meaning; its devastating. It has led us down so many paths that aren’t our own.

Once you think you know it’s over.
You wake up one morning and it doesn’t really smell so nice, look so nice; you know it, so why do you need it?

A mindful practice is a courageous one.
Mindfulness is allowing suffering to speak. It gives a voice to truth. Mindfulness has no founder other than truth. Mindfulness is Jazz and Blues, mindfulness is the stank of life; it’s the rhythm.


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With mindfulness comes patience, and with patience you will learn the rest.

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