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The World Is A Giant Return to Sender


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A Giant Return to Sender

A Giant Return to Sender…

“Give and you shall receive”

“Everything comes full circle”

“What goes around comes around”

“Treat others how you’d want to be treated”

“You Get what you Give”

Since the beginning of time the same things have been said in many different ways. Always the same message, always the same idea. GIVE. GIVE.

You want more? GIVE MORE.

Imagine Life as a large Mail room, and the world/the universe is A Big Return to Sender.

What you send out is what you get back in return. Everything comes back

Send [Something nasty] you get back [something nasty]

Send [seeds of love] you get back [A whole field, a garden of love]

Send [light] you get back [the sun & warmth]

Send [Cold] you get back [ice]

 Why would you give something to someone you don’t want yourself?

What do you want? Go to do it for someone else. What do you need? Go give it something or someone. This is a concept that our society does not support, we work hard and we GET, and we GET, and we make it happen. No!

It’s already happened. It’s happening. We give and we get.

Smarter, more enlightened minds than me figured this out, centuries ago, ages ago, all over the world. YOU GIVE AND YOU GET.


You have the opportunity everyday to send something amazing. To change someone’s day. If only for a second, your package can make someone breathe a little easier, live a little lighter!


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