7 Self-Love Secrets


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7 Self-Love Secrets

A guest post by Sarena Dorf (as seen above)

Understanding how to love yourself is crucial. Often times we tend to disrespect ourselves, our mind and bodies. We allow ourselves to stay with negative people, we tell ourselves mean things over and over again. However, we need to love ourselves unconditionally and be proud of who we are.

Self-love is important when it comes to making decisions as well as choosing who to interact with, in our day to day lives. It will also help you to stay away from negative people and face life challenges in a productive manner.

What is self-love?

Self-love is simply appreciating who and what you are. In other words, it’s being gracious to yourself.

According to an article at EssayOnTime, self-love comes from the actions that support your growth as a person. Note that you cannot grow self-love by forcing things positively or reading all the self-help books out there. It comes from within yourself. It grows from your inner YOU.

The key to self-love is to love yourself unconditionally. You need to develop a love relationship with yourself and be comfortable with the way you are. Since being mean to yourself does not help either, you only need to love yourself and nothing more. Whether you have houses, lovers and cars, loving yourself is important than all the rest.

Having said that, here are our seven secrets to self-love.

Employing these secrets in your everyday life will change the way you perceive things by boosting your self-worth.

  1. Gratefulness

You need to be grateful to yourself and appreciate the positive side of your life. Remember no one will appreciate you if you do not appreciate who you are and what you do. So learn to appreciate every aspect that completes you and accept compliments from others. You will never be your friend and your friend will never be you, therefore appreciate yourself for all who and what you are.

  1. Be true to who you are

Being truthful to yourself is crucial when it comes to self-love. Be truthful about how you feel. Be joyful and acknowledge the happiness you have always. During sad times, acknowledge the sorrowfulness. Being truthful to your feelings means you avoid lying to yourself. Acknowledge your feelings so that you can understand your thoughts.

  1. Avoid Criticizing Yourself

It’s normal to make mistakes and if it happens to you, you should not rebuke yourself or berate yourself for that. If you are fond of judging yourself it’s time to stop self-criticism. For your information, criticism does not change a situation. Reject self-criticism at all cost and accept who you are. People change and when you rebuke yourself, you change the positive thoughts to negative. In fact, criticism affects the inner YOU. Always praise who you are as well as the little things you do.

  1. Practice Self-caring and be Positive

Being kind and positive about yourself natures the love you have for yourself. So, learn to praise yourself habitually and if you check your face on a mirror. This way, you will undertake enabling actions that sustain your development naturally.

  1. Trust Yourself

Be self-confident by trusting in your abilities. Understand that you are capable of making important changes for yourself, so long as you have the desires to do it. The best thing is to support yourself by envisaging what you desire to achieve.

  1. Forgive Yourself

Everyone has had the worst in their past life. We’ve made mistakes and sometimes we’ve felt like we are not worthy. If you’ve also been in the same situation, then you need to forgive yourself. Let go all the things that have happened in the past, learn from the bad things you’ve ever done, and move forward.

  1. Accept Yourself

Accept who you are and don’t compare yourself to anyone. Never mind what others think of you since that’s none of your business. Let go those who do not accept you for who you are. Embrace the bad and the good side of who you are and acknowledge the things that you are unable to change. If you can’t change them, you can’t change them, so don’t waste your time pondering or complaining about the unchangeable things. But if you are able to change, then go ahead and be brave.

Seven Self-love Secrets – Bonus


Always allow some break from what you are doing habitually. Even though you have some work to do, you should always give yourself a break. This way, you will show some sense of care to your health and hence growing your self-love.

Final Words

Even though the above seven self-love secrets can help you, you must understand that above all, practice is crucial when it comes to learning how to love yourself. Whether you’ve had the worst situations in your life or not, whether people appreciate you for who you are or not, always strive for excellence and understand who you are.


Serena Dorf is an enthusiastic content writer in Los Angeles. She is thirsty for knowledge and is always on the lookout for inspiration. In her free time, she is reading classic American literature and learning Swedish. Feel free to connect with her on Twitter.


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