7 Keys To Success


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7 Keys To Success

True success in my view is one where you are okay. Where you are good. Not this is good and this is shit. Not over worked or under worked. Not stretched thing or simply not stretched at all. BALANCE. Success is balance. It has everything, spirit, wealth, health, abundance, creativity, peace, sweat, relaxation, hard work and sacrifice.

7 Keys To Success according to me and success people who I’ve studied, admired, and learned from.

  1. See it. Create a vision. Set an intention.
  2. Let go of How. “How will I. How can I? But how?”
  3. Master Your Mind.
  4. Master Your Tongue.
  5. Master Your Body.
  6. Build A Winning Team
  7. SERVE
  1. See it. Create a vision. Set an intention. We have to see it. Clearly. We have to get specific about our wants, needs, and desires; about the good we want to leave behind and the institutions we want to manifest. We have to be able to describe it and feel it.
  1. Let go of How. “How will I. How can I? But how?” …. It’s not about the HOW. Sometimes we just have to walk. The gift is in knowing you want more. The gift is in waking up from the lie that this job is fulfilling or your purpose. The biggest and most important step is simply walking and allowing the path to reveal itself. People can waste a lifetime because they were to worries about HOW.
  1. Master Your Mind. We must master our mind and it’s fearful thinking. It’s small thinking. It’s restraints. We must be mindful of our thoughts – are they liberating or restricting? Small thinking or big thinking? What we think matters. This is where my meditation practice comes into great use – it allows me the space and availability to be aware of my thoughts, to know that a thought is just a thought I with enough reminders i can rewire my thoughts.

Master Your Tongue. Change your dictionary change your life… It’s the first book I ever wrote. I believe in it. Our words, our minds hear them and can (if we let it) believe them. What we speak matters. Watch your tongue, take control of it, master it.

  1. Master Your Body. Your body is Miraculous – simply put.  Your body is your biggest fan. I am so grateful every day that I have an able body. Not a six pack, not large muscles, a body that works. A body that allows me to do what I love. When I say master your body, I don’t mean looks, it has nothing to dow with looks, but rather accessibility. Am I tired, does my body hurt, am I sick all the time. If I’m always having to heal my body, if I’m always tired and have low energy, I can’t create, I can’t serve.
  1. Build A Winning Team. “When two or minds come together with the same intention, anything is possible.” – Napoleon Hill. The people in your life matter. The things you talk about matter. When I was a kid, my dad always said, “want to be successful, hang around successful people. Want to be an artist, hang around artist, etc..” He wasn’t wrong. We have to build a team we trust, admire, and look up to.

SERVE – We serve life by serving others. There’s only one way you can serve this life and your short time on it: by serving other people. Whenever you use your talents, time, energy, and resources to help other people you are serving. It’s not about the money and things that don’t come with you when your body turns off – it will turn off 😉 … I’ve written a million post about service because I believe in, I’ve experienced it’s powers and benefits, it’s incredible.

S – SUPPORT & SUSTAIN … Service is a moment to slow down and check in with what really is. To give back. To support another human being – the more we are thinking about somebody else and their true needs that less we are thinking about our own fears and doubts.

E – EQUALITY & EMPOWERMENT .. We are all one and we all need a helping hand. ALL OF US. We’re brothers and sisters, dying and made of flesh and blood.

R – REAL… Real people. Real situations. Real relationships.

V – VOLUNTEER – knowing that you have something to offer up to the world. Somethign worth sharing and giving. Your help and heart and words and spirit matter.

E – ECTASY – It feels good. It really does. It feels good to get out of my own mind and it’s concerns for however long and to be there for another. Try it.

Try these steps. How do they resonate in your own life? Share your thoughts in the comment section below. We’d love to hear form you. 

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With mindfulness comes patience, and with patience you will learn the rest.

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