Mindfulness & Spirituality - 4 Essentials To A Succesful Practice

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4 Essentials To A Succesful Practice


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4 Essentials To A Succesful Practice

“I do whatever works and change it when it no longer works.” – Thich Nhat Hanh

1. Don’t make a rigid structure and then chastise yourself for not living up to it.

If we want a practice to be in our life, a practice that we are implementing for health, wellness, happiness, a practice for less suffering; we must not set up rules and conditions that cause us more suffering or any suffering when we don’t stick to them. Life changes, always, go with the flow.

2. Structure is a good thing.

  • It is significantly easier to return to something solid rather than somethign floating around in space. Structure can help us remember to do the cation. Can help establish a routine. Remember, don’t beat yourself up about it.
  • 3. Be creative and flexible within your easily structured practice.
  • Learn to do it everywhere, anywhere, at all times. Or else why do it if it can’t travel with you?
  • 4. We can carry out or at ice inside us, always, at all times.
  • We can see the world through our practices eyes. We can hear via our practices ears. Our practice once set never truly goes. So don’t stress if you take a little brake, don’t break if you need to stop for a day or a year; it’s always there.

Side notes:

– Sustained engagement with the external world is paramount.

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With mindfulness comes patience, and with patience you will learn the rest.

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