Mindfulness & Spirituality - 35 Divine Qualities That Constitute A True Devotee

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35 Divine Qualities That Constitute A True Devotee


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35 Divine Qualities That Constitute A True Devotee…. According to the Bhagavad Gita

Hates no being, friendly, compassionate, not possessive, free from egoism, balanced on form of pleasure or pain, forgiving, ever content, uniting with self, self-controlled, a firm conviction, mind and intellect dedicated to self, one who does not agitate the world, one who is not agitated by the world, free from Joy-envy-fear-anxiety, free from want, dexterous, unconcerned, untroubled, not arrogating any activity as ones own, neither rejoices-hates-grieves-desires, balanced in pleasant or unpleasant happenings, alike to friend-fo, heat-cold, joy-sorrow, honor-dishonor, free from attachment, equal to censure and praise, silent, content with anything, free from possessions, for minded, in dude with faith, regards self as supreme.

Which ones are you working on cultivating? Which ones have benefited you most? Which ones seem to elude you? Share your thoughts in the comments below


  1. With meditation comes patience, and with patience you will learn the rest.

    Peace and Blessings 

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