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3 Steps To Transforming Pain Into Joy


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Three Steps To Transforming Pain Into Joy

3 Steps To Transforming Pain into Joy 

& How to identify with the Truth.

Would you love to be able to learn from your emotions in a powerful way, and create more happiness in your life?

Use this recipe when you find yourself suddenly dealing with negative and painful emotions.  This process lets you fully feel and learn from the emotion as quickly as possible.  Then you can move on and learn from each experience.  This recipe has helped so much in my life.

  1. Mindfulness. Whatever the feeling, we simply acknowledge it, say yes to it, and let it go.
  2. Discernment. After we have been able to tune into our truth through mindfulness, we put aside the plot-line and narrative that accompanies it. These plot points justify our anger, pain, betrayal, jealousy; which prevents us from actually touching the woods in the situation. We ask, how does this feel in my heart? Where does this live in my body?
  3. Liberating Pain. When we come to clarity with the hurt, the pain, there is a moment of peace, that peace is the truth of the moment. When we ACTUALLY feel pain directly, we simultaneously let it go, like picking up the handle of a hot cast iron skillet, we must immediately let it go. We want liberation in the most direct way possible. Feel it and let it go.

Normally, people resist their painful emotions with intense energy, which only keeps them festering and in pain for hours.  By allowing yourself to feel in a spirit of openness and acceptance, you can learn your lessons quickly.

A fantastic side benefit is that you now have a powerful new belief in place!  You can grow more in a few weeks than you have in the past years by practicing this process diligently.

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    With mindfulness comes patience, and with patience you will learn the rest.

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