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3 Enemies We Must Clear Out


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Indecision. Doubt. Fear

Indecision is the seedling of fear.

Indecision crystallizes into doubt, the two Blend and become FEAR. The blending process is often slow. This is one reason why these three enemies are so dangerous. They germinate and grow without their presence being observed.

Before we can master an enemy, we must know it’s name, it’s habits, and it’s place of abode.

Fear is nothing more than a state of mind. Like heaven on earth are simply states of mind, states of consciousness-

Religion is for those who don’t want to go to hell, spirituality is for those who’ve already been; for those who have suffered, seen sadness, worry, doubt, scarcity, envy, for those who want heaven right here, right now. – Micheal Beckwith

States of mind: Some people simply don’t get sick, why is that? Doctors spend their days with hundreds of people with contagious illness, infectious diseases, and often do not get sick, because they don’t believe in getting sick.

Man’s thoughts impulses begin immediately to translate themselves and their physical equivalent, but those thoughts are voluntary or involuntary – your fear based thoughts are often involuntary. Make Voluntary thoughts of positive affirmations, of love, of abundance, of perfect health, of all needs met.

Every human being has the ability to completely control his own mind, and with this control, obviously, with every person they open his or her mind to the trap door thought impulses which are being released by other brains, or close the doors tightly and allow only thought impulses of his own choice.

“I’m always receiving miracles. I am a walking miracle. Because I’m exactly where I need to be I have nothing but miracles coming to me”

What thoughts are you letting in? What GOOD life do you know- know so well that you refuse to live in any other place? We’d love to hear from you, please share your comments with us in the comment section below


Peace and Blessings

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  1. Martha

    this was just what I needed today, thank you.
    Often we set ourselves up for the fall with the power behind our words, good or bad and then we ask why?
    Thanks for the reminder of how powerful we are indeed!


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