2 types of people


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2 types of people

Those who talk and those who do.

Those who watch things and those who watch people watch things.

Those who close their mouth after the fork has left their mouth and those who close their mouth while the fork is in their mouth – making that very specific and not always pleasant scraping noise.

Those who chew with their mouth open and those who chew with their mouth closed.

Those who drink detox tea and/or take detox pills and those who simply detox.

Those who take action and those who click like and share.

Those who remember and those who forget.

Those who drift and those who walk.

Those who honor the guru and those who question the guru.

Those who write about the two kind of people and those who just fall where they fall.

Those who want answers and those who ask questions.

Those who are satisfied and those who are never satisfied.

Old souls and young souls. (I don’t often meet a medium soul)

People who journal and people who live.

People afraid to forget and people who don’t know they have forgotten.

Then there’s me… I’m the worker bee who has turned his life into a self improvement project.  Always needing to get it done. The one who does whatever I can to think pure thoughts, say beautiful things, do beautiful deeds, knowing I will fall short, over and over again.

I am simply worn out form the striving. From categorizing and needing to understand.

I imagine one kind of person who let’s go of what has passed. Let’s go of what may come. Let’s go of what is happening now. Doesn’t try to figure anything out. Doesn’t try to make anything happen. Who can rest, relax, right here, right now.

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