Mindfulness & Spirituality - 2 Steps To Being Debt Free

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2 Steps To Being Debt Free


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2 Steps To Being Debt Free

1) Intense gratitude… A thanks for believing in me attitude.


2) A reason for the means to make being debt free so. Why you should be debt free, need to be debt free…  “I demand the means to become debt free so I may _________ for society”.

We must become debt free because we have more work to do; not because society tells us to.

The universe, God, life, love is constantly giving us so much, what are we giving it in return?

How is our freedom from usury chains and debt allowing us to serve, support, and uplifts the universes children, your fellow man, women, brother & sister?

The universe and all it’s little parts and pieces keep you alive, give you oxygen & a sun that doesn’t burn you up, water, life…

What have you done for me lately?, ask the universe.

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With mindfulness comes patience, and with patience you will learn the rest.

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