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Celebrate Your Shape


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Celebrate Your Shape

Celebrate who you are

Celebrate your shape

Celebrate the authentic in you
God given and nothing else like it

Your SHAPE was sovereignly determined by God for a purpose, so you shouldn’t resent it or reject it. “Who are you, my friend, to talk back to God? A clay pot does not ask the man who made it, ‘Why did you make me like this?’ After all, the man who makes the pots has the right to use the clay as he wishes” (Romans 9:20-21a TEV).
Instead of trying to reshape ourselves to be like someone else, we should celebrate the SHAPE God has given each of us.
Understanding your SHAPE builds self-esteem. There’s an epidemic of low self-esteem in our society today. Most people do not like themselves. Studies have shown one reason is that more than 50 percent of all people are in the wrong jobs. I believe that genuine self-esteem — as opposed to pop psychological self-esteem — is built on two biblical truths. It’s not about raising yourself up by your bootstraps or thinking positively or the “I’m OK; you’re not so hot” philosophy. Genuine self-esteem is built on your relationship with life, god, and faith and knowing- KNOWING your SHAPE, your presence is vital.

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