Mindfulness & Spirituality - 10 Easy Ways To Stay Happy This Year

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10 Easy Ways To Stay Happy This Year


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10 Easy Ways To Stay Happy This Year

This is a guest post from Rachel Summers

This year is the year you’ve promised yourself you’ll be happy. Now’s a good a time as any to start picking up good habits that will help you live a happier and healthier life. If you want to start now, here’s 10 tried and tested tips that will help you stay happy this year.

  1. Manage Your Time Well

Firstly, you’ll need to manage your time properly if you want to be happy. Poor time management can lead to stress, and in this fast paced lifestyle you’ve got to reduce stress wherever you can. Time management coach Tracy Green from Revieweal says, “Try mapping out how you spend your time now, and look for ways you can reduce ‘wasted’ time, and schedule in down time for yourself.” Also, check out Mind Tools for time management tools to try out.

  1. Do One Thing For Yourself Every Day

Being productive is great, but you’ve got to wind down every now and then or you’ll burn out. Promise yourself that you’ll do one nice thing for yourself, every day. This could be putting on a face mask, or spending half an hour with a good book. Whatever you like to do, commit to doing it every day for yourself.

  1. Watch How You Talk To Yourself

Many people feel stressed or upset with themselves, but don’t really know why. If that sounds like you, listen to how you talk to yourself. Do you say you’re ‘stupid’ if you leave your lunch on the counter, or ‘lazy’ if you’re too tired to go out? The way you talk to yourself has a huge effect on your happiness. When you hear yourself talk like this, ask yourself if you’d say that to a friend. Most often, the answer is going to be ‘Of course not!’ Try and be kinder to yourself.

  1. Remove Toxic People From Your Life

“This is a huge task, and you don’t have to do it right away” says personal coach Katie Johnson from Top Canadian Writers. “However, you’ll be amazed at how much better you’ll feel when you do it.” Everyone has people in their lives that make them feel bad. If your friend makes remarks when you opt for the cake, or you feel as though your great aunty isn’t respecting your lifestyle, then you don’t have to have them in your life.

  1. Take Care Of Your Health

Everyone has put off doctor’s appointments for later. They’re time consuming, and sometimes the news isn’t something you want to hear. However, if you struggle along with poor health, you’re affecting your happiness. Your body is like a car, in that you need to take care of it to keep it running in peak condition. Make those appointments and take care of your health.

  1. Get Up Early

You may think getting up early is counter intuitive to being happy, but you’d be wrong. Creating a regular sleeping routine and getting up early can help you feel much better in yourself. You’ll get more sleep, which is conducive to you getting more done during the day. You’ll also have more time in the morning, helping you feel much less stressed and rushed when you’re getting ready for the day ahead.

  1. Buy The Premium Product

Often you’ll buy the cheapest product for yourself, when you’ll happily splurge on others. Why not treat yourself once in a while? “It’s not a bad idea to invest in premium products where it matters most” says motivational and personal wealth coach Peter Dayton, from Australian Reviewer. “It can even save you money in some cases.” For example, if you find an expensive shampoo works well with your hair, buy it. Using it may help you get what you need from your hair care routine, without you having to buy extra products.

  1. Help Others

Helping others to be happy will often hake you feel happier yourself. Volunteering is incredibly rewarding, and as an additional bonus looks good on your resume. If you can’t do that, simply helping out friends and family will give you the same boost.

  1. Write Your Feelings Down

There’s a reason journaling is becoming so popular again. Invest in a nice new notebook and pen, and write about your feelings. Giving yourself a space that’s just for you to talk can do wonders for your mental health. If you want to improve your creative writing skills, check out tools like UK Services Reviews to help.

  1. Stop Skipping Meals

No matter how busy you are, make the time to eat something every meal time. Going hungry increases stress levels and is just unpleasant. Don’t do it to yourself!

These 10 tips will help you feel happier, every day. Put them to the test and improve your day to day life.

Rachel Summers work with students, helping them get the most out of their studies. She’s also worked with educational organizations, such as UK Top Writers, to improve the education experience. Her writing aims to help students do well in their studies, and get ahead.


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